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WebXR 链接和资源的精选列表。
WebXR 包含一组允许浏览器访问虚拟和增强现实设备的标准,使开发人员能够创建沉浸式内容,无需安装或店面管理即可轻松在线访问。


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Standout Projects

Impressive and notable WebXR projects.
  • Hello WebXR - Made to commemorate the release of the WebXR 1.0 API, showcases some of what's possible with WebXR.
    • This links to a mirror of the experience on my own fork, as it is no longer accessible at its original domain.
  • Moonrider - A rhythm game built by Supermedium similar to Beat Saber.
  • Plockle - A spatial block puzzle game with over 40 levels.
  • Castle Builder - A collaborative and cross-platform castle-building game utilizing a unique Unity-to-three.js pipeline.
  • Prehistoric Domain - A Jurassic Park-esque experience in the browser, with multiple dinosaur exhibits available and more planned for the future.
  • Yolopia - A rhythm game which combines flow, boxing and pose matching.
  • f60 - A cross-platform WebXR escape room series set within a Soviet prison.


Projects centered around artistic creations.
  • Brushwork VR - A VR app that simulates the process of painting with a virtual canvas, palette, color mixing, and more.
  • SoulPaint - A VR app that provides you with 3D drawing tools and a virtual body to illustrate lived experiences.
  • Obscura - Float around and explore a structure inspired by the architecture of Carlo Scarpa.
  • Silk Brush - A port of Tilt Brush to WebXR with plans for future extensions.
  • VARTISTE - A VR app for 2D drawing and image editing, and 3D model texturing.


Projects centered around audio and audiovisual experiences.
  • beats - A semi-collaborative app with various rooms where anyone can create or modify an existing musical loop.
  • Fathom VR - A WebXR version of the music discovery app Fathom, which lets you search for and explore clouds of related artists with spatialized audio.


Resources for creating and utilizing 3D avatars in immersive experiences.
  • Exokit Avatars - A web-based avatar system that can load humanoid avatars in multiple different model formats and features arm+leg IK, facial animation via visemes, and more. The original repo is no longer maintained, but there is a more up-to-date fork available here.
  • ReadyPlayerMe - Lets you quickly and easily create a 3D avatar online that you can download in glTF format.
  • VRoid - Lets you create anime-styled 3D avatars that export to the highly-compatible .vrm format.


Where WebXR developers gather, ask questions, share projects, etc.


  • WebXR Discord - Official Discord server for all things WebXR, with over 1000 members.
  • XR Foundation Discord - Official server for XR Foundation, responsible for XREngine and various other metaverse-related projects.


  • Immersive Web - Oldest WebXR-related group, originally made for WebVR.
  • WebXR - Slightly newer WebXR-centric group.



  • r/WebVR - Initially the main subreddit for WebVR discussion, now features general WebXR content along with r/WebXR.

Companies and Cooperatives

Companies and cooperatives centered around/doing work in WebXR.
  • Aircards - WebAR advertising/marketing agency.
  • Hatsumi - A design studio developing experiences at the intersection of healthcare and art.
  • Immers Space - A Distributed Cooperative Organization (DisCO) focused on enabling open and federated immersive web content.
  • REM5 - Digital immersive experience design studio specializing in education and social equity initiatives.
  • Sketchfab - 3D model marketplace that offers a VR previewer.

Content Hubs

Sites dedicated to gathering, indexing, and publishing WebXR content.
  • 2WSZ - An aggregator for WebXR content featuring ratings, a recommendation system, and both English and Korean language support.
  • heyVR - A curated platform for publishing WebXR games.
  • XR Swim - An aggregator site for both WebXR and Web3 content.


Some of the tools that make WebXR content possible. For a complete list, see the separate WebXR Creation Tools list. For a more in-depth list, see the awesome-webxr-development list.


    • Ethereal Engine - A full stack MMO engine built on three.js and bitECS with support for WebXR.

Frameworks and Libraries

    • JanusWeb - An in-browser implementation of JanusVR that lets you build social VR experiences.
    • p5.xr - An add-on for the library p5.js that allows you to create immersive p5 sketches.
    • react-three-fiber - A React renderer for three.js. Additional WebXR-specific hooks and components are available in React XR as well.
    • Spaces VR - A front end framework for quickly creating VR websites built on react-three-fiber.


Learning Resources

Courses and tutorials for creating WebXR content.
  • Learn A-Frame (VR) - A roughly 6-hour Codecademy course written in partnership with A-Frame.
  • babylon.js Guided Learning - Detailed text and video tutorials that complement the other instructional pages in the documentation.


Methods for monetizing WebXR content (outside of traditional web advertising platforms like Google Ads, as well as crypto, which falls under Web3XR).
  • Zesty Market - A marketplace for rentable banner spaces in XR. Offers integrations with most major WebXR creation tools.

Social Spaces

Projects focused on creating social spaces for users to gather and/or collaborate in.
  • Dreamwave - A web-based platform for hosting scalable virtual events. Powered the virtual music festival Secret Sky 2021.
  • Emerald City - A virtual event space developed by Hub Culture.
  • FRAME - A platform focused on enabling easy 3D collaborations in a virtual space.
  • Hubs - Mozilla's platform for enabling users to gather and collaborate virtually.


Projects at the intersection of WebXR and crypto/blockchain technologies.


  • 3XR - A project by microchipgnu that has integrated with Mintbase to create virtual galleries for NFT artwork on NEAR.
  • - A site that hosts virtual galleries for NFT art on the Tezos blockchain.
  • oncyber - Offers both free and collectible gallery spaces to display NFTs across multiple different chains.
  • RareRooms - Allows you to create immersive NFT galleries with support for multiple different chains/marketplaces.


  • Voxels - A virtual world powered by Ethereum where players can buy land, build stores, display art, and more.
  • Hyperfy - A platform hosting up to 10,000 customizable, cross-platform, and immersive virtual worlds. Built on three.js, powered by Ethereum.
  • Ozone Metaverse - A spatial computing cloud platform offering world creation tools with Web3 integrations and monetization.
  • Raspberry Dream Land - A progressive events platform focused on inclusivity, radical self-expression, and virtual relationships. Also has its own NFT avatar collection.
  • vrland - A platform for gathering and virtual showcases that supports displaying of NFTs.


YouTube channels with a heavy focus on WebXR.
  • M3 - Official M3 channel.
  • Sorskoot - Tutorials and other WebXR related content.
  • WebXR - Official WebXR channel.